Brenwood Park Pool, Parks and Tennis Court

Our pool is located at 18210 S. Wimbledon.  The pool is available only to residents who have provide the proper card for access. Please see below for more information on the pool cards system and card availability.

Pool Access There is a card access system that has been put into place for our Brenwood Park residents. We are installing a card swipe system on the Front Gate and on the Tennis Court and parks.  In order to gain access to the pool, you will be given a card that you will swipe for access. It will be the same card for the Pool and the Tennis Courts. These will directly be linked to ACMP and our system to monitor who is coming and going for the pool, to help to ensure it is our residents only. The CARDS will be mailed out to ALL 589 homes. Once the HOA ASSOCIATION DUES are paid the cards will be activated per household. Again, this will give you access to Pool and Tennis Courts and Park. The cards will have the ability to be deactivated for the pool at the end of pool season and then as of 12/31 at the end of each year for the Tennis Court access. They will be reactivated once the next years HOA ASSOCIATION DUES are paid. There will be NO CHARGE for the first card for every household. If you require a second card, they can be obtained at ACMP for a nominal cost of $10 for ONE additional card. Any additional card after that will be a charge of $20 FOR LOST OR REPLACEMENTS OR ADDITIONAL. With this system, there will be no more of the little pool tags.

Cards may be obtained through our property management company at: Brenwood Park CIA,  c/o ACMP MANAGEMENT COMPANY 16650 Pine Forest Lane Houston, TX 77084 281-855-9867

Any question can be directed to ACMP/Brenwood Park Manager as well using the link above.To schedule a pool party, please contact the A Beautiful Pools or call 281-376-6510.