Governance – Transparency

Transparency means homeowners should have a complete understanding of the Board’s activities.  Rather than a random display of data, true transparency provides meaningful information that is easy to find and easy to use.  Context and intent is very important in giving the Homeowners transparency.

For those who may not understand transparency, it provides insight and understanding into the Board’s decisions.   True transparency should allow interested parties to evaluate the actions of the Board to determine if the Board is acting in the best interest of homeowners in aggregate.  Essential to that evaluation is asking two questions: what is the board trying to and how will they do it?  However, those questions should be asked after one understands the purpose of the Board. 

The 2008 board passed the following:

To increase the average appreciation of Brenwood Park homes beyond its surrounding communities

To be the preferred community of home buyers and residents

Brenwood Park welcomes all residents and visitors regardless of age religion, color, orientation or nationality.  Brenwood Park supports group activities for both residents and non-residents that maintain or enhance Brenwood Park’s image as a harmonious community that is a preferred place to live.

Family oriented
The Brenwood Park community welcomes people of all ages and provides amenities for residents and their guests.  The community values a safe and secure environment conducive for a child’s play and family recreation.
Harmonious community

Brenwood Park has by-laws and resident obligations designed to benefit the community as a whole.  Rules and enforcement decisions are consistent but judiciously made to maintain community stature and never for the benefit of a particular resident or group

Operating principles:

  • Security/Safety
    • Reduce criminal activity or maintain a low level of crime
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Code strictly enforced
    • Attractive entrances
    • Clean common areas
  • Amenities
    • Well maintained
    • Code compliant
    • Financial stewardship
    • Cash surplus from operations
    • Adequate reserves

The above statements are essential to transparency and evaluation.  The decisions of the board should further the vision, and the vision should support the mission.  The values are the moral boundaries that direct board actions into the best long term value for homeowners.  The operating principles are specifics on how the Board will actually complete the vision and fulfill the mission.  

The homeowners should be able to “connect the dots” – that is: the activity should fall within the operating principals that are within our values that support our vision which fulfills the mission.