Thank you

Thank you!

This community comes together through the volunteer efforts of everyone. Thank to each and every one of you who do so much!

Jim Fitzsimmons: SPECIAL THANK YOU, for Donating his Professional services to perform his Amazing and Mesmerizing Magic act for the SPRING FLING. “WHERE DID THAT BIRD COME FROM?” Thank you for providing music throughout the party, it helped to keep it LIVELY!

Shehnaz Bidiwala: SPRING FLING—Many Thanks Shehnaz, for monitoring the Bounce Houses during the party, helping set up and clean up afterwards. Your help was GREATLY appreciated.

Maureen Herzog: SPRING FLING—Many Thanks Maureen, for manning the BWP table during the spring Party. We were able to get some more signatures on the speed limit petition and get some pool tags handed out. Also thank you for securing a donation of SODA for refreshments for the party.

Donna Nobles: SPRING FLING—Many Thanks Donna, for helping to monitor the Bounce Houses during the party.

Jerry Torlucci: SPRING FLING—Many Thanks Jerry, for assisting the magician in keeping the music going and setting up the show and putting the room back in order after the show!

Rob McGhee: Set up of 2011 Christmas Décor— MANY THANKS!! It was the only cold day I think we had!!!